Available IT

At our warehouse you can find new and refurbished end-of-life enterprise servers, storage systems, networking hardware and spare parts. We have a large inventory of products from a wide selection of manufacturers.


Reliable IT

We believe that there is no need to invest in a new system just because the old one is not supported anymore. This is why the core of our business is end of life products. As these products are often used, we refurbish them upon arrival to make sure that they live up to our high standards. When you buy from us, our excellent refurbishment process and testing guarantees that even used products are just as good as new.


Flexible IT

We offer more than just high quality end of life products. At Inewdeals you have the option to get your order configured and customized to your exact needs, sparing you time and effort.


We support our customers in maintaining independency from a defined IT product lifecycle.


To be the world's leading value-added distributor in refurbished enterprise servers, storage, and networking equipment.

Business Concept

We offer customers across the globe 24/7 availability to our multi-brand selection of enterprise IT, data centre, & networking hardware.

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